Ochiagha Integrated Farms Limited is a farm management system that aims at delivering more sustainable agriculture. Our core focus lies at providing healthy, organic and fresh food products for the teeming populace of Nigeria as well as extending our arms via export to all parts of Africa. Our products are natural (organic) to serve your body the adequate nutrients it needs in its right proportion.We operate a mechanized and  extensive mode of agriculture, incorporating crop farming and animal husbandry ,thus utilizing space and maximizing resources to the utmost. Our products include fruits like Pawpaw and Water melon, Vegetables such as pumpkin, and animal products from the various animals we rear (Poultry, Piggery, Aquaculture).

We also offer training services to a large mass of men and women by equipping them with the technical-know-hows and methods that will improve production on a large and mechanized scale. At Ochiagha farms, we practice a zero waste management scheme where animals, plants and even man are harnessed fully. All products are inter-connected and regenerated . 

Also, we have a research and development section where intellectuals join forces to understudy plant and animal life, and come up with solutions on how to improve crop and animal yield without reducing the nutrient composition of the products nor impose danger to consumer health. Simply put, Ochiagha farms is a hub for Excellence.

As the saying goes, Health is Wealth; hence, at Ochiagha farms, we posit that healthy nutrition must maintain a triple ‘F’ concept……Fresh from Farm!


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